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What is State of Mind?

State of Mind is a non-diagnostic treatment application designed by an Australian medical practitioner, for use by health professionals in the integrative, natural management of patients mental and emotional wellbeing.

The application is designed to fit seamlessly within consultations undertaken by health professionals, providing treatment recommendations adjunct to conventional pharmacological treatment, or as a standalone natural treatment when such agents are contraindicated or not desired.


Why State of Mind?


Completely Natural

Polymorphisms resulting in a slower speed of enzymatic neurotransmitter conversion are surprisingly common. State of Mind works by augmenting the natural synthesis pathway of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine at three key points.


Improve Well Being

By augmenting natural synthesis pathway speeds, higher or rejuvenated nerve stores of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline can be achieved in many individuals - leading to noticeable improvements in mental and emotional wellbeing.


Adaptive Algorithm

State of Mind’s sophisticated algorithm is adaptive, tracking patient response using DASS21 psychometrics to support and improve clinician decision-making and individual patient outcomes.

An introduction to State of Mind

How it Works


Psychometric Tools

State of Mind incorporates three psychometric tools to guide a sophisticated central treatment algorithm. Health professionals progress treatment over several visits until the optimum combination and ratio of the core agents - Folinic Acid, 5 Methyltetrahydrofolic acid (5MTHF), Methylcobalamin (B12), and Melatonin - is reached.


Visual Treatment Outcomes

Patient response to the State of Mind treatment algorithm is mapped in an easy-to-use case file interface. Detailed graphs allow Health Professionals to track shifts in mood, calmness and stress throughout the patient journey.


Does it Work?


In use of the State of Mind treatment algorithm over three years within a general practice setting, approximately 75% of patients responded.

An evaluation of the 700 patients treated in this time using a standardised psychometric DASS21 test, demonstrated outstanding improvement in subjective well being across all categories and an extremely low side-effect profile.


Start improving emotional and mental well being today!

Access to the State of Mind web app is only available to AHPRA certified health professionals, on a tax-deductible subscription basis. For further information or access to the treatment algorithm, enquire via your General Practitioner